The Heart Do Not Mind The Handicap

13th, 2011
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Volunteers of the “Fethiye House” keep helping low-income families, poor students and disabled citizens in Fethiye by donations or arranging charity markets. In this context, Fethiye House volunteers donated disabled Nursel Erol a battery operated bike.
Thanks to the donations of the bountiful ladies Sevim Uysal, Güler Ada and Berrin Alpgündüz, 45-year-old Nursel Erol had the opportunity to own a battery-operated bike. She was disabled when she was a child as a result of a mis-injection to the nerve.
Nesrin Saatçi gifted the bike to Nursel Erol on behalf of Fethiye House volunteers. Erol family was informed about the usage of the bike, and their happiness could be read in their eyes.
Manager of Fethiye House volunteers Nesrin Saatçi said “We are very happy to donate our sister Nursel Erol a battery operated vehicle on World Teachers’ Day. Well, who are the donators? Three sisters, Sevim Uysal, Güler Ada and Berrin Alpgündüz got together and decided to make this donation. I am thankful to Uysal sisters once again. Nursel had applied for a vehicle and she was in line. Today, we are very happy to hand over our 22nd vehicle today.

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