The hope of the cancer patient; donkey milk

29th, 2012
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The residents are waiting in the queue for the donkey milk that is believed to be remedial for the patients of asthma, bronchitis and cirrhosis. The donkey, called Linda that gave birth fifteen days ago is milked everyday and the milk is sold for 100 TLs a litre. The donkey gives utmost one litre of milk every day
In every part of Turkey farms are established for the production of donkey milk. The residents that are looking for donkey milk knocks on the door of Enver Yalçin who runs a restaurant in Cumhuriyet District of Kargı village. Yalçin who married his donkey in a wedding two years ago has difficulty to supply milk.

She gives a litre of milk every day
Linda gives utmost one litre of milk after she milks her baby called Bahar. After Linda is milked the residents come to the restaurant and rush to bring the milk to their deceased relatives.

good for cancer patients
The donkey milk which is advised to be consumed fresh is believed to be good for the patients of asthma, bronchitis and cirrhosis. Donkey milk which is sweet and nice to drink is considered to be the closed milk to human milk.

One cup of it enough
Yalçın states that after it is heard that donkey milk is good for the patients of cancer, asthma and bronchitis that take chemotherapy, the donkey milk is demanded very much. He told that many people all around Turkey come to the facility for milk. The milk is sold about 100 TLs a litre and one person can only consume a cup of it. However he stated that they shock and save it for the one who come from long distances. Donkey milk should be consumed fresh. Yalçın continued as follows: “Moreover we send it to the ones who have asked. We can milk only one litre of milk from our donkey. This milk needs to be consumed fresh. We do not mean to make money out of it. We accept money from the ones who give to pay for the expenses of our donkeys. The ones who have deceased relatives can come and take milk without hesitation.”

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