The man who was sent to fethiye from antalya is back to life

26th, 2011
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A young man’s head split with a severe brain damage in a car accident in Antalya, and because there was no room in Antalya Akdeniz University Medical Faculty Hospital, he was sent to Fethiye for an operation.
It was reported that Hamdi Daldal (36) had an accident with his motorbike at the overpass of the crossroads in front of Antalya Medical Faculty Hospital, and his head was hit by the roadside barrier. With the impact the head was divided into two and major fractures occurred in the skull. He was immediately taken to Antalya Akdeniz University Medical Faculty Hospital, unfortunately there was no room at intensive care unit and he was sent to Fethiye with an ambulance. On the way, his blood pressure increased, and air ambulance was called to Fethiye-Korkuteli road. He was taken to Fethiye Private Letoon Hospital to have medical care, and there, he was miraculously returned to life again. He cannot speak yet, but he can walk on his own and move his arms, even able to use computer. He has undergone a risky operation in which his skull was stitched, and that has been already discharged from the hospital.
Brain surgeon doctor Salih Şahin said that he is recovering day by day, and he will have another operation for a full recover. He pointed out that he had a big injury in his skull when he arrived, “He still has fractures on his neck. Currently, a special mask is plugged to his head to prevent movement. We will make the last surgery in coming days and get over the life danger completely.
Father Mehmet Daldal is thankful to the doctor for the successful operation which could not be done in Antalya, and he said he was very happy to see his son healthy again.

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