The period of mounted policeman in Fethiye

24th, 2012
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 Under the coordination of Fethiye Police Headquarters, the mounted police team has started to work in Fethiye to support the security services in Tourism Centres. The mounted police that are going to work in the town patrolled for the first time with Kadir Ay, the chief of the Head Quarters. To decrease the crime rates and increase the dissuasiveness, the teams of mounted police are going to work on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey till the end of September, including the roads of Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye. The chief of Muğla Police Headquarters, Kadir Ay, have introduced the teams of mounted police that patrolled along Fethiye promenade. Three horses and their riders have toured the busiest streets of town starting from the Tuesday Market. The tour of Kadir Ay, the Chief of Muğla Police Headquarters has attracted great attention. Being very astonished, the residents watched the horses that pass by them. When they noticed the logo of the police on the horses, their astonishment was replaced by their excitement. Kadir Ay, the chief of the Muğla Police Headquarters, told that horses are scaring and dissuasive for the people who plan and tend to commit crimes and the project stems from this idea. Ay who said that they were going to continue the practice that started in Bodrum and Marmaris stated that “Horses are a part of our history. For people who think of and plan crimes, horses have scaring and dissuasive aspects. That is why we have started our patrolling services. This practice is going to go on till the end of the season. We see that our residents are interested in horses, too. I hope the mounted teams are going help to decrease the crime rates if they work with the residents in a united way.”

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