The Tender of the Shopping Centre Made

24th, 2013
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alışveriş ve yaşam merkezi (2)The tender of the shopping centre which is one of the municipality projects which is aimed to be carried out in Fethiye and got the most votes at the poll has been carried out. Eroğlu Construction Building and Real Estate Developing Industry and Commerce Limited Company has become the only firm that has attended the tender of the shopping centre to be built in build operate transfer model. The shopping centre is estimated to be completed and opened in a year. The project for the shopping and living centre had been completed in the place of the wholesale market. The shopping centre mostly seen in big cities will be built for all purposes. As one of the most significant projects in Fethiye so far, the shopping and living centre will not only be a shopping centre but also be a living area. The project has been chosen among 109 projects nationwide and will also have an amphitheatre, movie theatres and concert halls.
With the moving of the wholesale market, the demolition works have started at the area. No participations had been made concerning the project at the first two tenders. Eroğlu Construction Building and Real Estate Developing Industry and Commerce Limited Company attended the third tender and took over the project with build operate transfer model for 30 years and the Municipality is to gain TL annually every year. After the tender has been finalized and the contract has been signed, the annual tender cost of the shopping centre is to be paid to the Municipality. So the contractor company has to complete the project and open it as soon as possible.
“We Are True to Our Words”
Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatçi gave information to the press members after the tender: “One firm has demanded the project. We are checking the file. We have not confirmed the tender yet. There is a waiting period and we will consider it in that period. We will make assessments according to the process. It is going to be built with build operate transfer model for 30 years. The income to our municipality is TL. This project is also going to bring great contribution to the construction sector in Fethiye.”
The Mayor answered the questions about the reactions of the opposition parties against the shopping centre project: “You keep making us repeat the same things. We are carrying out a significant project for Fethiye as a municipality. If there is a penalty, we will pay it. We are true in our words.” FG)

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