The tourısts who stole the purse were captured by the camera

15th, 2011
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German tourists who stole the purse forgotten at the market in Fethiye were captured by security camera.


The purse with 130 TL and some jewelry could not be found, and the two German tourists were released pending trial. According to news, Sibel Öztürk and Bilal Şahin who came to Fethiye from Çorum for a holiday went to a market in Çalış to buy ice cream. They forgot their purse on the fridge whch contained 130 TL, their engagement rings, a silver chain and their ID cards.

Soon after they went out, the German tourists 39 years old M.E.W and 49 years old M.N.C.W saw the purse. For approximately five minutes they watched the purse pretending shopping, and then grabbed the purse and went out of the market.

Soon after, the Turkish tourists found out that they forgot their purse at the market and went back to search for it. The market owner checked the security cameras to find out the thieves and then called the police. The police who came to the market identified the two German  and detained them. After their query at the police station, the tourists appeared in the court where they were released.


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