The word “sophisticated” finds a new meaning with Shaka in Fethiye

7th, 2012
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All colours and architectural patterns are combined and form a nebula. Then it is the big bang and Shaka comes to stage…
Shaka is not the first administration of Gürkan family. The family came to Ölüdeniz in 1970. They founded Deniz Kamp (The Sea Camp) first, then Buzz Bar. Including Black Tree Cottages, Mosaic Apart and other restaurants that have made a name –a well-deserved name- with their great qualities in service and authenticities in years have almost turned into an empire. And now, Shaka which may be accepted as the continuation of Buzz Bar in some ways offers an unusual gusto to Fethiye at the leadership of virtuoso Osman Gürkan with all his administration skills and elaborately picked staff. Osman Gürkan, the speaker of the family, says they have taken this step thinking it is time to add something to the gastronomical and cultural conscience of Fethiye
The first arrangements started with designing the whole building according to the service and presentation concept of the building. The presentation arrangements are the cosy canvas chairs and dinner tables, cosy sitting groups positioned in such a way that groups may watch the scenery tasting delicious and cool drinks at the outer section. The section which may be described as closed are-since it is an interior that cheer you up with overall windows opening to the entire beach panorama of Fethiye- has been perfectly designed and combined with elaborately chosen objects. The table and chair forms, floors and lighting armatures are excellent choices. The propeller which was made by a special order from İstanbul and adds great contribution to make the place cooler is the crowning of this design.
The menu of Shaka is quite rich: There are eleven options at the beginning and eleven options for snacks; five options for saucy pan meals, four options for Shaka burgers, eight options for salads, five options for pastas, five options for pizzas, six options for sea food, nine options for grilled meat and as the last but not least, fajita with sea food or chicken breast or veal is served with the most excellent presentation and three different sauces. All this unique and elaborately picked food on Shaka menu that give you the impression of almost a special recipe absolutely should be tasted.
They also accept special orders. The catering service of Shaka’s presentation that is to prepare food for parties, meetings or special days start when the chef master comes to your shopping or office or home to take over the service and proves how serious Shaka is in marketing the serving skills and gastronomical activities.
Osman Gürkan particularly explains they do not limit the administration qualities only with food and drink, urban living culture cannot only be limited with eating and drinking habits and artistic activities should also be added and considered. It seems that Fethiye will enjoy days full of Shaka feeding with music, dance and concert in the upcoming days.

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