The World Chooses “Babadağ”

20th, 2015
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Mount Babadağ Air Sports and Recreation Centre welcomes parachute lovers from all over the world who would like to start paragliding and gain experience.

Mount Babadağ (1900 m), one of the best paragliding centres in the world, is in service with runways on 1200, 1700, 1800 and 1900 m offering a unique view for domestic and foreign tourists.

Mount Babadağ is a great option for training flights of paragliding in these months. Especially pilots who would like to get emergency training open their reserve chutes and land in the sea.

Kemal Buhara, President of Turkish Air Society (THK) Paragliding Flight Control Committee, explained that Mount Babadağ is one of the highest and closest mountains to the sea when it is considered as a whole with its nature.

Buhara indicated that it was safe for pilots to have emergency flights over the sea on 1200 and 1500 m. Buhara said the sea was available for landing safely in case of emergency and this was the reason that schools from all around the world chose Babadağ for their training activities.

Buhara also said that parachuters in Europe also preferred Fethiye since winter began in their countries and especially parachuters from Russia and Europe came to Turkey: “We believe the phrase of our great leader Ataturk ‘The future is in the skies.’ Over 100 thousand people fly from Babadağ. This is an indication that an income over 3 million contributes to national economy. This is only the entrance fee to the mountain, the hoteliers and other managements also earn money. Turkish Air Society (THK) has several aviation schools. We offer the best disciplined education for aviation to the youths in Turkey and in the world.”

“There is an excellent view by the sea on 1900 m. Parachuters seeing this view does not even feel like flying,” says Yıldız and noted that many foreign tourists come to Babadağ for all these reasons.

Paragliding pilot choosing Babadağ for training said he was a pilot for 1.5 years and came to Babadağ for emergency training. Bozkuş added he would watch the unique view of Ölüdeniz with a sunset flight after he completed his emergency training.


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