They Protested Violence Against Women With Lament

13th, 2011
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The protest for violence against women in Bodrum, Muğla was scene to amazing images. In a play acted by 4 women at Bodrum city square, one of the women lamented in Kurdish while the other played a tambourine and danced. The women tied pieces of cloth on a representative wish tree. In the end of he play, the women poured red paint on their faces and protested violence against women. In a short press statement they wished the violence against women come to an end. One of the striking elements in the action was the the names of the men hanging from the wish tree. Figan Erozan explained why the names of the men were there. These are the names of the men who raped N.Ç. From now on, we will not announce the names of women. We will only announce the names of rapists and the killers.”

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