They Turned 3 Transformer Stations Into Flower Gardens

26th, 2011
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Retired 86-year-old artist Şükran Akannaç who is a resident of Fethiye Nursing Home and Members of the Society of Artists in Fethiye painted the 3 transformer stations which are located in the garden of Lokman Hekim Artisans Hospital in order to avoid visual pollution.

Officials at the hospital asked for Akannaç’s help who has painted some other transformer stations before. Şükran Akannaç, Nusret Aslan who works for the Nursery and Hale Eralp, Jale Coşar, Saibe Bilgiç and Semra Tuğlu from the Society of Artists in Fethiye worked 3 days together and turned the stations into flower gardens. Nursing Home Manager Adem Güngör has closely watched their work. Akannaç said she joined this work voluntarily. “Fethiye now has a beautiful hospital. They asked us to paint the 3 transformer stations in the garden of this hospital. See what we have done.”

Adem Güngör said “Auntie Şükran and her team have been working for 3 days. Now the stations are shining brightly.”


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