Three tour operator companıes went bankrupt ın one year

23rd, 2011
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After the bankruptcy of the British tour operator “Holidays 4 UK” a crisis meeting was held which was chaired by Fatih Şahin governor of Muğla.  Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Tourism & Promotion Levent Demirel announced that world’s leading tour operator companies such as TUI, Thomas Cook and Jet Tour will run extra services. 

After the bankruptcy of the British tour operator “Holidays 4 UK” important decisions have been taken at the crisis meeting which was held and chaired by Muğla Governor Fatih Şahin. It was stated that a board of bankruptcy crisis was created within the Ministry, 13 thousand British citizens were announced to be sent to their countries trouble-free.

The meeting was held at Muğla Governorship Özer Türk Meeting Hall with the participation of Muğla Governor Fatih Şahin, Deputy Governor Ahmet Ali Barış, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Tourism & Promotion Levent Demirel, Province Director of Tourism Dr. Kamil Özer, Vice President Filiz Mutlu, CEO of International Lines of the Dalaman Airport Hamdi Güvenç, GETOB (South Aegean Tourist Hoteliers Association) Chairman İlhan Açıkgöz, BODER (Bodrum Hoteliers Association) Chairman Halil Özyurt and Fethiye Hoteliers Association Vice-President Bülent Uysal.

The meeting was closed to the press and in his comment after the meeting Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Tourism & Promotion Levent Demirel  said “We had an assesment on the status of 43 thousand British tourists who would come via Holidays 4 UK after the the bankruptcy of the company. We have found out that with the support of our industry and the ministery as well, we will send 13 thousand passengers back to their countries trouble-free.  None of the tourists was the victim ofHolidays 4 UK.


Demirel added that the tickets sold by Holidays 4 UK will be refunded. He said “In our meeting with Tolga Tüylüoğlu Turkey Promotion Advisor in London, we discussed how we can redirect 43 thousand passengers expected to arrive in the coming period to our country again. We have seen that most of the passengers bought their plane tickets and agencies arranged their accommodation what we call a dynamic holiday. All passengers who bought a holiday in our country be able to receive their money back under the guarantee of the British travel insurance. Those who bought both plane tickets and a holiday package will be refunded immediately when they apply for, and those who bought only plane tickets will be refunded in maximum 8 weeks.”


Levent Demirel said they had meetings with the world’s leading tour operators. He said “We had meetings with Thomas Cook, TUI and Jet Tour which bfring large proportion of tourists to our country. To fill the gap Thomas Cook added 6 extra flights to their programme. TUI will not reduce their capacity and Jet Tour will make capacity expansion and additional flights. We point out that approximately 35 of 43 thousand guests will have their holiday in our country again. To bridge this gap we continue to advertising and marketing campaigns both with operators and regional. We focus on press, too. TV crews and journalists wil be here in next period. We will try to provide the least damage by the end of this year in this region.


Demirel stated that the economic crisis in Britain has been effective in the bankruptcy of Holidays 4 UK.  He said “Developments in Britain’s economy, increasing inflation and 17 million British citizens to give up holidays influenced the market’s two-digit growth every year. Looking at the figures of a total of six months, there is a 3 percent decline in Muğla. The closure of these losses with  minimum by the end of the year will probably move on the level of last year’s figures with no damage at all. During this period, Muğla Province Director with industry representatives has shown very good performance against the market. The increase during January-July is 22 percent for Netherlands, 32 percent for Russia, 46 percent for France, 18 percent for Poland, 18 percent for Denmark and 99 percent for Italy. We see an increase in all destinations of Muğla as the result of hard work by the Ministry and local sector.”

Demirel has warned that a few more small tour operator companies can go bankruptcy in near future, saying “As the market grew and the competition heated up, and with the emergence of large firms and increase in flight costs, companies with weak financial condition withdrew from the market. It is our duty in this process to follow tour operators closely and to warn our hotel-keeper friends. A few small company might experience bankruptcy. Uk is our main market  In addition, we want to increase our share in other markets.”


The question “After bankruptcy of Holidays 4 UK tour operator company,  how much loss in Muğla hoteliers” was answered by Demirel as “Even though we are unable to determine what the exact figure is, we think the hotels have a very small loss. We set up a bankruptcy desk. All our payees  an apply to this desk to collect their debt. This is a process we must live. after determining the receivables and  payables, we will follow this issue closely through our consultancy.”


British Kiss Flights tour operator with 60 thousand-year booking capacity went bankrupt in 2010 when 13 thousand British citizen were on vacation. British Kiss Flights was a company in Britain known with sales of cheap tours and air tickets mainly to Turkey, Greece, Egypt and the Canary Islands.

British travel agent, Gold Trail Holidays booking mostly in Fethiye, Marmaris, Dalaman, Sarıgerme, Köyceğiz, Datça and Greece and sending 50 thousand tourists on vacation annually, went bankrupt in 2010 when 16 thousand British citizen were on vacation.

Holidays 4UK had permission to transport licensed 66 thousand people between June and September and 100 thousand during the entire year. Holidays 4UK went bankrupt in August 2011 when 13 thousand British citizens were on vacation.

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