Tlos and Yakapark

23rd, 2012
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The ancient city of Tlos is 40 kilometres from Fethiye. After travelling for 22 kilometres on the Fethiye-Antalya road, take the road signposted as Tlos and Saklıkent and travel for another 10 kilometers.
The Tlos historical site is eight kilometres from Saklıkent and right next to the village of Yaka. The city is hidden behind an Ottoman castle and the ancient acropolis on the top of a hill. While climbing up to the castle the Lycian rock tombs will grab your attention. The most impressive is the Tomb of Bellerephon, with a fine bas-relief of Pegasus the winged horse fighting against the three-headed monster the Chimera. At the entrance of this tomb that attracts lots of attention there are columns and a three-section wall, in the middle there is a motif of a door carved which leads to the grave. In the flat area below the castle you find the remains of the Lycian walls nine metres thick, the agora (market) that still has six arched doors standing and to the south you have the Roman walls. The remains that are in best condition are the theatre’s. However, the Lycian rock tombs, baths, paleastra and gymnasium are also impressive. Tlos is one of the oldest settlements in the Lycian region. In the Lycian inscription the city name is written as Tlawa and in the Hittites writings from the 14th century BC the areas is referred to as Dlawa in the Lukka region.
One tip is to start your visit after having a very foamy ayran in the tea garden right next to the entrance of the historical site.
Since you have travelled to the village of Yaka, Yakapark just a kilometre from the village is worth visiting for a break. This is a stopping point for the jeep safaris from Kaş, Kalkan, and Fethiye and is wonderful with its century old trees, terraces, pool, water channels, hammocks and stone tables placed by the management. As the village women cook gözlemes, chickens and roosters pass your feet making the place interesting.
The meat gets cooked on the barbeque set up in the centre of the garden and trout dipped in corn flour is fried. Those in the tourism business have to be creative. Here you will see an example of that. There is the Balıklı Bar, which has an animation that you would see nowhere else other than Yakapark. The bar is made of stone and on one side of it there is a small channel where the cold water flows. Inside this channel swim trout, which act like they are used to human beings. They love being touched, caressed and they do not swim away. Meanwhile, the providing of beer, cola and ayran goes on.

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