To Travel is to Benefit the World

26th, 2012
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By Roberto Gallegos

It is uphill. The sign reads 17% but the view of the street looks as if it were to ride towards heaven. “Let’s take the next train to Würzburg (Germany)”. I yelled to Annika. It was the middle of September last year, we had barely made our first 400 km and in my mind I was not sure if we were going to be able to actually reach our first goal.

My name is Roberto Gallegos I come from the land where the sun hardly sleeps in winter time: Mexico. I am a cyclist tourist. I ride along my associate, friend, girlfriend and love of my life Annika Wachter. She comes from the land of beautiful forests and rivers that you can admire with a cold beer in your hand: Germany. Together we founded Tasting Travels.

Tasting Travels is our own personal blog project that aims to promote travel as a means to strengthen social empathy in the world. We believe that by the simple act of travel we, as human beings, buy ourselves a great opportunity to enjoy new friends in wonderful new lands. Those friends that introduce us to new types of food, music, dances, traditions and ways to express affection. We strongly believe that we should view our world as one whole regardless of any political or economical barriers that might confuse us once in a while.

Our project has its main product on our travel blog In our travel blog Annika and I write about the people, the places and the cultures that have left a positive impact in our lives. We do this in order to share the results of our own personal view of travel with our readers. Our hope is to inspire others to fulfill their own travel dreams and to help abolish preconceptions that might exist concerning the countries we step foot on, or in our case, pedal through. In our blog we also present photos and open space in our entries for people to share comments and ask any question they might have of the places we have been. We offer liable, honest and personal contact to our readers about our own experiences. We believe that through this we are contributing to fulfill our goal.

For the past two months we have had the opportunity to live in Fethiye, Turkey. We arrived in the end of January and have waited patiently for the cold to pass. We have enjoyed the warmth of the citizens of Fethiye, ate from the fish breads sandwiches along the harbor and played Okey in the local cafe in Çaliş Beach. We have also made friends here. Now we are ready to go.

Till today we have managed to cycle more than 3,500 km in 9 different countries in a period of six months. During this period of time we have also published more than 80 articles and countless photos of our experiences in our social networks. We have written about wonderful people along our way as well as beautiful corners in the world that are worth spreading the word about. We want to keep doing this. Our goal is to cycle around the globe and write more and better articles for our readers to experience. Maybe we discover along the way a food you never knew you could try, and it becomes your favorite recipe for family reunions. Maybe we arrive in some magical place that awakens your adventurer inside and we can help you get there. Or maybe we simply share the story of a person that makes you think otherwise about a whole country. So in order for us to offer better content we need your help.

On March 24, 2012 at 20:00 pm Annika and I would like to invite you to our fundraiser party at Saloon Barn in Çaliş where we will enjoy together Mexican music, live music, dance along latin sounds. You can win prizes in a Mexican game sponsored by the Pork Shop and try out a true Mexican Salsa while we celebrate life. I will also offer limited edition prints and sing a few songs live on stage.

So it’s March more than 6 months later since the 17% uphill crisis. We did not get the train by the way. We pedaled, and we pedaled hard. Hard enough to proof to ourselves that we could get anywhere we wanted to, because in the end a new friend of whom we have no idea of who he is, is waiting for us every time we reached a new destination anywhere in our travels – a prize that deserves all our effort.

Annika’s and Roberto’s Fundraiser Party
March 24, 8:00 PM
Saloon BarN
Foca mah. 1071 sok. no:91 Çaliş
Phone: 0537-684-6728

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