Tomato Farmers Protesting Prices are Angry

4th, 2016
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Tomato farmers closed Fethiye-Antalya Highway in Seydikemer District of Muğla in order to protest new tomato prices that fell to 50-60 kuruş by spilling crates of tomatoes on the road.

Ignoring the announcement of the gendarmerie and blocking the road, tomato farmers shouted slogans “Plane downed on greenhouses” and carried crates full of tomatoes on their shoulders like coffins.

Tomato farmers gathered by the roadside between Fethiye and Antalya in Çukurincir Neighbourhood of Seydikemer. They protested the drop of tomato prices causing the outnumbered tomatoes to be sold in domestic market. Almost 2500 tomato farmers from Kumluova, Karadere, Eşen Villages of Seydikemer and Karaköy, Kınık, Ova and Yeşilköy Villages of Antalya attended the demonstration. Some of their slogans and banners were “Plane was downed and tomatoes are finished”, “We are the farmers and claim our rights”, “The plane was downed on greenhouses”, “We are farmers, we are right, we will win”, etc.



Farmers indicated the low prices by spilling crates of tomatoes. Tomatoes scattered everywhere as an indication of the protest of farmers who claimed their rights. Farmers protested low prices showing the callousness of their hands and claimed the cost of tomatoes was higher than their income. Farmers explained that they had to sell tomatoes at whatever price is given by the commissioners and thankfully, they had run out of tomatoes for now. As Russia stopped the purchase of tomatoes, new export markets should be found as soon as possible. Domestic market did not cover their expenses, farmers explained.



Farmer Kürşat Kıvrak made a press release on behalf of the protesters. Kıvrak explained that tomato is bought by 50-60 kuruş from the vegetable and fruit market while it is sold by 6 TL in other markets so they protested commissioners gaining improper personal benefit from farmers. Kıvrak noted the government must audit illegal commissioners because farmers cannot pay their debts in these circumstances anymore. Kıvrak said they needed the support of seeds and fertilizers and other export markets except Russia are required.


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