Traffıc teams clamp down

19th, 2011
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With the arrival of the summer season there is an increase in motorbike   accidents.  In this framework, Traffic Police Squads had checkpoints  at 3 different parts in Fethiye at the same time. In this context, motorbikers are now more careful in using helmets.

Due to increasing motor accidents in Fethiye, Traffic Police Squads increased controls. The squads at 3 different checkpoints applied to criminal proceedings for riders not wearing helmets or with missing documents. Authorities report that a significant increase in the use of helmets was observed as the result of these controls.  They say that helmet using reduces accidents injury and death rates

by 50 percent and the control will continue at different checkpoints. In motorbike accidents, a fall or blows taken to the head during collision result in death or serious injuries for riders who do not have helmets. Authorities said that 50 percent is an important rate and the motorbike users must wear their helmets. Warnings and controls on the use of helmets, although not properly, are effective. Many citizens are deliberately wearing a helmet while some others wear a helmet to avoid getting a traffic ticket. Some of them wear a helmet on sight of  a traffic police or sometimes they hardly have enough time to wear their helmets. Along with increase in helmet use, it is pointed out that there is an increase in missing motor plates, too. Motorbikes without plates are banned. In only one of the checkpoints out of 3, seven motorbikes were banned in only one hour, and they were fined a total of 2810 TL.  The total of tickets on three checkpoints reached to 10000 TL.

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