Truck Flies into the Streambed in Fethiye

25th, 2013
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DSCF7687A truck which made a sudden move in order not to hit a car while it was passing from Akçay Bridge in Kemer Village of Fethiye moved beyond the iron barriers and flew from 8 m high into the streambed. The 40 year old truck driver Satılmış Özen was rescued from the accident injured. The accident happened at around 04.00 p.m. on Akçay Bridge between Fethiye-Saklıkent road. The truck with the license plate number 06 DD 6895 driven by Satılmış Özen who came to the village to take construction materials to double road construction on Seki road entered in the bridge in order to go to the work site. At that moment, a car whose license plate number could not be identified entered in the village very fast from the opposite direction so the truck driver lost the steering control. The truck went beyond the iron barriers of the bridge, flew into the streambed from 8 m high and tipped over. The truck driver got injured due to the accident and taken to Fethiye Public Hospital by 112 Emergency Service ambulance. Satılmış Özen was taken under treatment and doctors explained his health condition went well although there were fractures on his right arm.

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