Turkish Bartender And His British Love Married On Feb 14

6th, 2012
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Turkish bartender and his British girl friend met each other in Fethiye three years ago and started to live together. They were finally married on Valentines Day.

28-year-old Turkish bartender Onur Zeybek and UK citizen 24-year-old Hollie Marie Gregory got married on February 14, and Darcie Rosie, their beloved daughter of 9 months also attended the wedding. The ceremony was held at Sosyete Restaurant in Kargı village of Fethiye with the participation of friends and relatives. The marriage was solemnized by Yener Sargıncı, Head of Fethiye Registry Office.

The couple who enjoyed the ceremony with their baby daughter said they were very happy. “We waited for the Valentines Day to solemnize our marriage. We will keep living in Turkey.”

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