Turkish Bath, Diving, vs.

23rd, 2012
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Turkish Bath – (Türk hamamı)
The historical Turkish bath in the center of Fethiye attracts people of all nationalities. Also Kaya Hamamı near the main bus station and the hamams of the hotels in and around Fethiye are now on service for all the people of different nations.

Diving – (Dalış)
The coast around Fethiye and Göcek, with its wide range of plant and animal life, is very suitable for diving.
The travel agencies that run tours and the companies teaching diving are mostly located in the Fethiye port area.
The boats normally leave around 09:00–10:00 am, returning at around 17:00pm.
On average, the sites dived upon are about one hour from the port. While you are sailing to your destination for the day, preliminary information about diving is given. With the company of experienced divers diving is done at the depth of three metres. This takes approximately 20 minutes. After a lunch break there is a second dive. At this point you go as deep as five metres and stay underwater for 20 minutes. After the diving finishes you are given certificates.
For experienced divers the depth limit is 30 metres and the duration of stay underwater is 45 minutes, with two dives a day.

Some of the diving areas are as follows:
(Bazı dalış noktaları şunlardır :)
Dalyan Cove
The cove is like a natural pool and is very suitable for those trying diving for the first time. The depth starts at one metre near the shore and goes down to ten metres. It is possible to see octopus, black bream, sponges and shellfish.

Afkule Cave
This cave is loved by experienced divers. It is like a large craved hole and the interior surface is covered with sponges and coral. It is at 40 metres and its width is ten metres. You can come across all types of Mediterranean fish here. Barakuda Reef: This reef that is a home for barracudas and starts at a depth of 14 metres and goes down to 45 metres.

This is an ideal diving point both for learners and the experienced diver. The underwater flora and fauna is extraordinarily rich. Here you can come across sea horses that you cannot find in other places. The depth starts shallow and goes down to 30 metres.

Marinas – (Marinalar)
In the centre of Fethiye there is a yacht mooring quay owned by the municipality and run by a private establishment.
Fethiye – Ece Saray Marina & Resort Tel: 0.252.6125005
In Göcek there are one municipal-owned and three private marinas having a total capacity of 800 yachts.
We shall also mention to those who want to own a yacht that there is a very developed yacht building industrial dockyard in the Karagözler region, located between the Fethiye and Letoonia roads.
Göcek Municipality Marina Tel: 0 252 645 19 38
This is sited in front of the village center and has two quays of mooring. The marina has the capacity of 60-70 yachts and there is electricity, the water system is connected, and waste is being collected. There are also showers, toilets, telephones and faxing facilities available.
Skopea Marina Tel: 0 252 645 17 39
This is the concrete quay to the north of the municipal marina. There is a private garden, swimming pool, bar restaurant, toilets, and fax and telephone facilities.
Club Marina Tel: 0 252 645 18 00
This marina is at the western edge of the Göcek coastline in the port of Büngüş (the marina just close to the port which was formerly the Etibank mine loading port)
Surrounded by pine trees, there are environmental and social facilities.
Its T-shaped quay has a capacity of 120 yachts. You can have your electricity and telephone linked up. There is a car park, bar restaurant, Turkish bath, diesel quay and a guesthouse within the marina services.
Port Göcek Marina and Pulling Out Point Tel: 0 252 645 15 20 – 645 13 56
This is located at the port of Göcek where the former chromium mine facilities are.
It has a 150 yacht capacity for pulling out (for winter) and a 400 yacht capacity marina.
There is the Inn Swissotel, a swimming pool, bar, restaurant, shower-toilets, cafeteria, boutique, and market.
Fethiye Municipality Marina Tel: 0 252 614 35 39
In the city center the quay that extends to the west is owned by the Fethiye Municipality and run privately by Ece Saray Marina & Resort. There are showers, a market, ice supply and diesel pumps. The market and restaurants are very close. There are also many hotels nearby.

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