Turkish Tourists Are The Only Hope For The Greek Island Symi

5th, 2012
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Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, Mayor of Greek Island Symi visited Marmaris. Eleftherios Papakalodoukas held a press conference at Marmaris Police Guest House together with Mehmet Erden, Member of the General Assembly in Muğla Province.

Mayor Papakalodoukas said that the aim of his visit was to thank Marmaris tourism who gave them a free space on their booth at Tourism & Travel Exhibition held in  İstanbul.

Symi, the touristic Greek island is facing tough times due to the economic crisis, and  Papakalodoukas said they wanted to attract Turkish tourists to cope with the effects of the crisis. “We have no expectations from countries such as UK, Germany or France. All our effort is to attract Turkish tourists. The more Turks on our island, the better for us. Symi is a small island with small bed capacity. Hwever, our facilities are good quality and in order to survive, we need guests like Turkish tourists. In our marketing, Turkish tourism has the most important place. Last year, 25 thousand Turkish tourists visited our island.”

Papakalodoukas pointed out that they try to open a visa office in Muğla like the one in Antalya. He said they work in coordination with Mehmet Erden, Member of the General Assembly in Muğla Province in this respect. “The authorities gave the green light to us on this issue. This visa center must be approved by European Union (EU).  Visa application to Turkey is not acceptable. We are neighbours living in seperate houses. We should easily visit our neighbors in our neighborhood. Visa should never be applied.”

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