This is the window from where I observe the bluest skies

26th, 2012
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This is the window from where I observe the bluest skies: at peace with the turquoise waters, and awash with rainbows. I write for those who thrive on the magic of letters, the soothing effect of black coffee or chilled red wine accompanied by local grass cooked in olive oil and who are always seeking that one, true love. If you are one of those living in a state of constant tranquillity at heart, but tired of being misunderstood whilst struggling to live in another language, keep reading, I’ve got your attention. Please do mention us to your open-minded friends. I promise you will like climbing the towers I build from words.

The inherent need for Homo sapiens to keep a daily record requires regular nourishment and thus the writer of these sentences find life in communication. Here I will concoct a rich pot of “Aşurah” made up of words and expressions, taken from my experiences of life, in living another language, my artistic endeavours, ideas, poetic endeavour and surely, a touch of history. And then I shall distribute the resulting magic mixture from Noah’s pot.

The passionate amongst you will see the glowing amber light, wherein samples of accumulated human knowledge joyfully radiates from the copper pot. Here, through this window, you will see observations of people from various cultures and disciplines and countries, the ironies, pieces of thought, fixated attitudes, prejudice, criticism and self-criticism, all stir-fried by a translator in motion.

In short you will read the texts produced by a person who caught the writing bug early in life. The combination of art and language, without the trepidation of lack of visual aesthetics, will be bravely exhibited. If you do not understand what is produced, please do not call it trivial. Be nice and contact the writer for clarification. Indeed, feel free to put a handful of life experience in to this pot yourself. Surely, we would like some help in leaving our own window and freeing our socially backward souls from being glued to our computers.

Definitely, you will feel a nomadic character dominating my existence. Glimpses of Australia, Indonesia, UK, Europe will catch your eye: you will see how I form my path in the jungle. I like to constantly renew my knowledge store, move on and evolve. Thus I polish the future. To tell you the truth, I am not brave enough to forget the real world and the ordinary existence within. So whenever I find time, I shall go to the café by the beach, eat a döner kebab, make instant visits to antique settlements, or maybe catch the wave to have a frappe on one of the nearest islands. Feel free to fan the flame under the pot if you wish to add a bit of depth to the deep end of text production. It is up to you to collect the wood from the forest.

Those under the skies are my subjects. I will prepare cocktails of art and language for those who like meeting foreigners and inspire me with their sincerity. I will arrange meetings with legendary characters or accompany you as your interpreter to post modern erotica exhibitions, colourfully painted on canvases of verbal tradition. If you like, we will share snapshots of life in Sydney, London, Singapore, Bangkok, Bali, Melbourne, Van, Bodrum, Cyprus, Patmos, Leros or Istanbul and gossip about the talk of the town over a glass of red wine. Indeed, I will not hesitate to invite you to examine the skeletons in my dust-covered cupboard.

I hope you think I am doing a good job in writing through this window. I love to share the pearls I find and draw attention to those found by you. I can assure you, I will always mention the ideas and contributions of those who inspire me in what I do. After all, there is nothing that has not been said before. All I do is cook my own Aşurah.

Remember, knowledge is power. Power will bring responsibility. Responsibility in turn will breed compassion. Once we have compassion, understanding will be born. Understanding in turn will offer knowledge. And always remember, the best things in life come free.

Doğan Şahin

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