Uğur Mumcu Gave Life To 15 Districts

16th, 2012
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Trees, plants, lighting poles and benches removed by Fethiye Municipality, Directorate of Parks and Gardens from Uğur Mumcu Park were used in 15 neighborhood parks. Fethiye Municipality which holds an Environmental Award received a positive response from the public opinion with this work. “Ugur Mumcu Park landscaping and the Town Square arrangement project” at Uğur Mumcu Park area by the Council continues.
Directorate of Parks and Gardens Chairman Durmuş Sazcı provided information about the trees, plants, lighting poles and benches removed “All the stuff and equipment that were removed from Uğur Mumcu Park were used in other parks which we enclosed with border stones before. All the trees and plant were replanted at 15 different neigbouring districts. At the same time, all the light poles and benches underwent maintenance to be reused. We try not to waste anything removed from Uğur Mumcu Park.”
Our Teams Work Hard For Our Citizens
“We try to double the green areas in Fethiye, and we have a great support from our citizens. Recently, we afforested another park area with our Women’s Council. We aim to deliver in Fethiye World Standards in the rate of green area per person in a very short time ”
Sazcı added that the work and the construction of car parking area continues at Uğur Mumcu Park, and the tender for the
Town Square will be held on April 2.

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