Under water protest agaınst terror

15th, 2011
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A Turkish flag was opened under water by divers in Fethiye to protest the killing of 13 soldiers as a result of terrorist attacks in the town of Silvan. Fethiye Underwater Society divers Arisoy Hider, Caner Öztok, Bekir Tanriover, and the society’s chairman Yasar Yilmaz Hakan Kaplan sailed together with domestic and foreign tourists who holiday in Fethiye and opened a Turkish flag and a banner writing “We will not forget our martyrs”  under water at Boncuklu Bay in homage to soldiers killed in terrorist attack. Divers were applauded by tourists on the boat when they got to the sea surface with the same banner and the Turkish flag.

Fethiye Underwater Society Chairman Yaşar Yılmaz pointed out to the terrorist attack  in Silvan, Diyarbakir which  upset our country and our people. “God’s mercy, we remember our martyrs. Fethiye Underwater Society protests this distressing event.  We felt the need to make a memorial as Underwater tourism operators. These events continue in the last thirty years, draw tears from our nation.


Now we ask the authorities to prevent terrorism. We tried to reflect our feelings from under the sea. Divers Hıdır Arısoy, Caner Öztok, Bekir Tanrıöver and Hakan Kaplan also said “We protested the bloody attack and the ambush in Diyarbakır which killed our young troops. We want terrorism be stopped right away and the traitors be arrested immediately.”


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