Walk in nature and the Lycian Road in Fethiye

23rd, 2012
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The most popular trekking trail is called the Lycian Road. You can easily walk from the village of Ovacık on the outskirts of Babadağ, following the signposts every 100 metres.
The Lycian Road visits the ancient cities of Faralya, Dodurga, Pınara, Letoon, and Xanthos and, if desired, the trip can be extended to include the Lycain cities and mountain villages outside of Fethiye’s boundaries and within those of Kaş and Kemer heading to Antalya. Those interested can get a map of the trail though we recommend you to take part in a tour with a guide.
The high plateaus and plateau tours

The high plateaus and plateau tours
(Yayla ve Yayla turları)
Since the heat of Fethiye can get unbearable in summer some of the locals move to the high plateaus. In recent years to these waves of migration, tourism facilities added more popularity by jeep safaris to these high plateaus.
The high plateau of Seki is the best known plateau in the vicinity of Fethiye. The locals of Kemer and its surroundings move to the plateau in summer. The nearby Eren Mountain also attracts attention for its winter sports potential.
There are also other high plateaus near Seki, these being the plateaus of Patlangıç, Eldirek, Karaçulha, Çamköy, Esenköy, Gökben, Ceylan, Zorlar, and Atlıdere.
The closest plateau to Fethiye is the Koru high plateau that is on the Fethiye-Çameli road and within the borders of Arpacık. The Koru plateau is 15 minutes walk from the Buzaotu district of the village of Koru.
As you approach Çameli, if you take the turn to the right from where the fountain is and climb to an altitude of another 100 metres you come to the Kırkpınar high plateau. On the plateau there are many cold water springs and this is why it is named as Forty Springs (Kırkpınar).
Winter sports and tourism

Winter sports and tourism
(Kış sporları ve turizmi)
Parts of the Fethiye region are at an altitude of between 1500 and 3000 metres and is very close to the Taurus mountain range. The most significant of these nearby mountains is The Eren Mountain which is about 100 kilometers from Fethiye.
Eighty one kilometres up the Fethiye-Antalya road, after you take the turn for Seki, you turn right from the cross-road at the statue of Apple placed by the Seki Municipality. Go into the village and have a cup of coffee in the village coffee houses. The inhabitants of the village would like a chat and are very hospitable.
From Seki take the road to the village of Girdev. After you traveled about two kilometres on this road you will the sign pointing right to Şahin Tepesi (the Falcon Hill). Between May and November it is possible to get all the way up to the 1870 metres high peak by car. In the makeshift restaurants here you get a chance to eat very delicious sautéed meat of tandır, trout and gözleme.
However, between December and April the road gets covered with snow at a height of 1500 metres, preventing further progress by vehicle. You will have to leave your car, camp out and gather the energy for a difficult walk up. If you have the suitable equipment for winter sports begin for a four hours long walk before the dawn to the top of Eren Mountain (2.677metres). The scenery from the top is impressive. On the north side you can see the bowl-like Girdev Lake that is surrounded with snow, the Antalya Mountains and the Seki plain lying beneath you to the southwest.
The Muğla governorship has started a project to promote skiing, including the building a cafeteria and a ski lift in the area.
Eren Mountain is a very suitable region for the tour or cross-country skiing (Nordicskii). The Turkish Mountaineering Federation includes it on their annual program. There is a six kilometres trail between the area you camp at and the peak. You should not go up there without a guide. There are no organized tours to the area but you can make use of the sports people in the Fethiye Doğa Sporları Klübü (The Fethiye Natural Sports Club).

Oil wrestling tournament
(Yağlı güreş turnuvası)
In the Fethiye region there are the traditional oil wrestling tournaments staged every year. The first ones that come to mind are the ones held at Kadıköy, Seki, Karaçulha and Eldirek.

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