““We Are the Meeting Point of Taşyaka”

24th, 2012
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The couple Meltem and Arif Doğrusöz used to run a hotel which they still own in Ovacık. The hotel is currently in rent. The couple is in service sector with Aktüel for four years as well. Café Aktüel Garden which was opened under the name Aktüel Café next to Köylüm Market across the street carries on giving service with lovely garden, nice and tranquil decoration and friendly attitudes to their habitués and newcomers.

How did you decide to change your place and open another place inside a garden?

“We have picked this place for the sun and garden requests of our habitués”, shows as the reason to the change of place.

What does the menu of Café Aktüel Garden mostly offer?

“Our menu offers Turkish and English cuisines. We have a wide range of food and drinks including English breakfast, types of omelettes, types of pancakes, entrée starters, types of salads, red meat and chicken options, types of ravioli and pasta, sea food and snacks. And of course hot, drink, alcoholic drinks… Our coffee types are Lavazza coffee beans; our customers say we are the best in types of iced coffee. We buy all types of our meats from Pınar. I don’t use anything other than Uno in bread types. I can also say proudly that we are very ambitious in English breakfast, types of steak and fish & chips. In brief, we give great importance to our service and quality in kitchen. And to friendliness… (He looks at Tuna saying this and they smile at each other.)

What is the duty of Tuna?

Tuna answers himself, “Tuna is the leaf, soil, flower, insect, chair, table, wall, light… of Aktüel.” (OK, I get it)

How come does not Aktüel have any domestic customers? (Mr. Arif replies with the same sincere way.)

“I don’t know. I suppose they assume Aktüel only offers service to foreigners! As a matter of fact, we are very good at Turkish cuisine. For example, we have Turkish ravioli, fish, and shish kebab on even our monthly discounted menus. We will take a more radical step for this. I am adding a stone oven to the garden for the next season. We are going to have types of pitta as well. Maybe the people of Fethiye might feel closer themselves to Aktüel then too. We will also build a playground to make children feel more comfortable.”

Is Café Aktüel Garden open in winter too?

“We are open three days a week in winter months. We have a closed section in our place as well. Our services continue the same in winter too. We have a settled service and customer profile anyway. We have customers from Çalış, Üzümlü, Ovacık and even Göcek. Actually our place is different now, much more comfortable.

Café Aktüel Garden is a very cosy and friendly place where you can have great time with its garden, tables ready for service under the trees, sitting groups, swings and friendly presentations and of course Tuna. The menu is very rich. The most significant thing is the reasonable prices. Besides, they have discount options in 5 days a week: Monday-Shish kebab 13 TL; Tuesday- Fish & Chips 10TL; Wednesday-Curry Day 10 TL; Thursday-Turkish Ravioli 8 TL, Friday-Open Buffet Unlimited 12 TL.

Below the Picture

Sharon and Nick have been among our regular customers since the opening of Aktüel. They had come to dinner to Café Aktüel Garden from their home in Çalış when we went there as well.

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