What is good for?

7th, 2012
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If you want, make some tea from it. Or you might take a steam bath with it. Failing that, you could use a paste made from fennel to treat your body. Yes, fennel can be used in so many ways.
One notable option is to boil its seeds and drink the resulting tea. The tea will give your body a huge burst of energy and bid farewell to fatigue.
Fennel is known to rid the body of excess gas, to increase mother’s milk production and to have a calming, soothing effect on the nerves. Also, fennel leaves are great for treating wounds. They are also very effective against all sorts of intestinal parasites.
Fennel is very effective in treating normal coughs, whooping cough and even asthma attacks. It can be used as a wonderful gargle treatment for sore throats. Make a pulp from fennel to treat stomachaches. Fennel can increase the appetite, strengthen the body, stimulate and soothe. A steam bath using fennel seeds is wonderful for tired or lifeless skin. Steeping: Steep two bunches of fennel, two mint leaves and one bunch of anise. Then drink three glasses a day to make digestion easier and treat a variety of intestinal ailments.
Treating your cough: Steep one tiny teaspoon of fennel seed and broken fennel leaves with one liter of water. Sweeten this mixture with a bit of honey and drink three times a day to treat coughs.
As a paste: If you are a nursing mother and struggling with an insufficient milk supply, try making a paste from fennel leaves and spreading it on your chest. This is also advised if you are a nursing mother struggling with cracks or bruising. Boiling: Boil two bunches of whole fennel plant with one liter of water to create a natural and very effective diuretic for yourself. Drink three glasses of this per day. It should be noted that in general fennel tea is very good for treating kidney ailments. This natural tea is also very good for indigestion.
Two bunches of fennel, two bunches of sweet marjoram and two bunches of mint boiled with one liter of water are great for helping with problems related to obesity. Drink one cup before bed.
Steam bath: Crush two spoonfuls of fennel seed gently and boil in one cup of water. After the water really starts to boil, place a cloth over your head and allow the steam from this mixture to affect your eyes. When you do this, do not forget that you should not go outside for at least a half hour. This steam bath is great for eyes that are fatigued, infected, or do not see well. Don’t forget that boiling fennel seeds is a great way to quickly treat fatigue and listlessness. Fennel that has been steeped is great for opening up blocked veins in the liver.
Nursing mothers can benefit from the milk-increasing qualities of fennel by either making a paste from it or from drinking it as a tea. Take a large handful of fennel root and boil in one liter of water to create a great gargle, or make a paste to spread on your stomach for treating stomachaches.
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