Who Can Drive My Car

16th, 2012
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I have resided in Turkey for the past four years and the question has always arose “Who can drive my car” The answers I have always been given is “Anybody”. This is in fact not true and really came to light when my partner bought her present car. She bought it from Hyundai and when we received the registration document (the blue book) we both noticed that my name showed as the main owner (Box C.1.1) and my partners name showed as the other partner (Diğer Ortağı Box Z.1). We went back to Hyundai and stated to them that they had made a mistake and put my name on the registration document, when it was in fact my partner’s car. The reply I received was “if my name is removed from the document then I would not be able to drive the car”.

This made me look into the matter in more detail to try to determine what the legal requirement is. My first step was to ask an official translator who fortunately was in contact with the ex Chief of Police. She was informed that only the names on the registration document were allowed to drive the vehicle. I was informed that if in box Z.2 of the registration document it stated “araç sahiplerinden başkası kullanamaz” then which translated means “only the owner’s are allowed to drive the vehicle”. I further investigated this and went to one of the offices that produce the number plates and documents opposite the Police Station in Fethiye. Unfortunately he could not speak English so he called his friend who could speak English and he informed me that if a car is registered with MB or ME number plates then the words “araç sahiplerinden başkasi kullanamaz” would be written. I even visited the company my partner has her compulsory insurance with and was informed that anyone can drive the vehicle. Even they do not know the legal requirements, as his words were “Okay with Insurance but maybe problem with the Police”.

I informed my friends of this who are a married couple and only her name appeared on the registration document, meaning her husband could not drive the car. She proceeded to go to the Noter (Notary) to enquire if her husband was allowed to drive the car. Fortunately there was a professional person available who in turn telephoned the Police to confirm what I have already stated. She was informed that she would have to have her husband’s name put on the document for him to be able to drive the vehicle. She then had to pay the Noter (Notary) a sum of money and was informed that she would have to travel to Muğla and visit the Police Station there to have it signed allowing her husband to drive the vehicle.

I am intrigued to know if the Dutch and the German residents have the same problem.

I think once again the British are being penalised as the Turkish residents do not have anything printed in Box Z.2 of the vehicle registration document, which means that anyone can drive their vehicles.

Please do check your registration document to make sure that you are legal.

Les Spivey

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