Who Owns Birds’ Paradise?

11th, 2012
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There are so many institutions interested in Çalış Birds’ Paradise area that nobody knows who really is in charge. Birds’ Paradise is a very important egion in terms of tourism, how ever it is surrounded by wire netting and no protection is observed. Cleaning of the area is carried by Fethiye Council and by environmentalists. They say whoever claims rights on the area should take the responsibility and get rid of the dump. Lately, a cleaning was done within the framework of “Let’s Keep Mediterranean Clean”. The event was organized by Turmepa with the participation of Fethiye Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Directorate, FETAV, Chamber of Shipping, Fethiye Nature Volunteers and Amateur Fishermen Association. During cleaning, it was revealed that how insensitive mankind is to his environment. Loads of bottles and plastic waste are collected.
Chair of Fethiye Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Directorate Selver Hatice Kuşçu said “The scene is so sad where hundreds of birds live. With this campaign We try to minimize the factors causing pollution,however, we find the same scene the day after. People who live here should be more careful.”
Chairman of Fethiye Amateur Fishermen Association Emin Bozkurt said “People come here to drink and leave their bottles and cans here. Pollution cannot be prevented. If they leave the area to us, we can keep it clean, let the nature live.”
Turmepa Fethiye Branch Representative Ersin Özer said “We organized this campaign in order to draw attention in the Mediterranean sea pollution, and to minimize the factors causing pollution. We had cleaned this area last year, and it is the same dump this year. Fethiye Amateur Fishermen Association is volunteer to keep the paradise clean. At least, the visitors are not welcomed by dump.”

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