Yeşilüzümlü Morel Mushroom Festival

30th, 2012
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In the beginning of April, the Yeşil Üzümlü Morel Mushroom Festival takes place.  This festival marks the beginning of spring in Fethiye, and the arrival of morel mushrooms, and is a much anticipated event.  Along with these great mushrooms, the festival also has local crafts and homemade red wine.

The aim of the festival is to acknowledge the existence of this place and its nature. With the festival the bonds between the past, the present and the future are made stronger.

Voices about this piece of heaven are expressed with music, fun, and surroundings, in the same ancient theatre and with the same enthusiasm as the past. How the ancient people lied, what music they played, what songs they sang, if they were happy or sad are mystery, but our traditional dances, our songs, our ways, our love of life in our hearts are the same as those before us.

We have no choice but to live together, to share. We have no choice but to protect the wildlife that lies in our gardens, in our forests and in our nature. We must continue to leave the roots of the morel mushroom in the ground and only cut them from the stem to ensure the future of the morel mushroom. Thousands of years ago the people that lied here ate the morel mushroom and a thousand years from now they will still be eating the same morel mushroom. Because of this, it is our responsability, the festival’s responsability is to ensure this.

With full awareness of all this, the habitants of Yeşilüzümlü and İncirköy have been organizing International Agaric Festival of Yeşilüzümlü and its Environs during the month of April.  The symbolic name of our festival is agaric. Agaric is a rare species of mushrooms grown in Fethiye, as well as in other regions of the country. During the festival, experts on mushrooms in our country, as well as from abroad, university teachers and students organize seminars and talks. Tours for picking mushrooms are also organized. The habitants display their products at the festival and guests buy local food from local markets. Throughout the festival you can taste the dishes and pastries cooked from the wild herbs and mushrooms grown in gardens and rural areas in all seasons. Tours are organized to the Cadianda antique city and traditional races are held in the hippodrome, maintaining a tie with the past and a present, strengthening the chain. At nights entertaining activities are planned: Most of the artists are volunteers from the region.

Timeless traditions. Rich culture. Renowned artists. World-class performers. The community at its best! In honor of one of our nation’s most beloved treasures, and a living reminder of international friendship.  There will be no doubt that spring has sprung.

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