10 Million TL Grant for Ölüdeniz

25th, 2016
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Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatcı, “If we see the Metropolitan Law as a ship, it is inevitable that this ship will sink. I do not think any solution will work except the annulment of Metropolitan Law.”

Mayor Saatçi answered the questions of press members regarding Ölüdeniz-Ovacık-Belcekız waste water treatment plant and sewerage system. Hasan Özyer, AKP Muğla Congressman, had stated that 10 million TL grant has been allocated for waste water and sewerage in Ölüdeniz Quarter. Mayor Saatçi thanked the Congressman and said, “I am worried about the season after June. Other congressmen had been elected from Fethiye before but we can see his difference. I hope this project will start without wasting any time! Infrastructure is vital for Hisarönü and Ovacık. Otherwise, no tourists will come here anymore. I hope the Metropolitan Council will implement the project as soon as possible and make this credit ready to use. We have several upcoming projects including boat yard, yard for yachts with a capacity of 280 yachts, cruise port and cleaning of the gulf. These are essential projects. Hasan Özyer has an important role in these projects since he has been elected from AKP, the government party. He is a congressman from Fethiye as well. He has taken the first step and we hope the rest will yet to come.”

Mayor Saatçi also answered the questions in relation to the revision of metropolitan law, which is in the action plan of the 64th government: “The Ministry has sent questions including 9 articles to ask our opinions regarding the Metropolitan Law. We always share our opinions about the Metropolitan Law. To make it clear one more time; if we consider the Metropolitan law as a ship, we can see that this ship will sink. I do not see any solution other than the annulment of this law. I am not saying it in the political sense. I am saying this as a person who has been a mayor for 17 years. I do not need to be modest about it. I am very experienced in municipal works. It is not possible to put his law into practice in this region.”

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