11 Thousand Year Old Tlos Becomes the Focus of Interest among Scientists and Tourists

28th, 2013
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Tlos Antique Town which has been discovered to have had 11 thousand year old past with new discoveries at the latest excavations has become the focus of interest among domestic and foreign tourists.

The antique town whose excavations continue from time to time since it has great importance to reveal Lycian history was visited by 19.473 people last year. Tlos Antique Town is 40 km far from Fethiye and is listed in World Heritage Temporary List of UNESCO. The town has ruins from the 2nd century B.C. and attracts great attention. It is known that Tlos is one of the 6 biggest towns of Lycian Federal Union and new important discoveries have been found at the excavations carrying on for 7 years. The excavations are carried out in the presidency of Prof. Dr. Taner Korkut from the Mediterranean University and ruins belonging to 11 thousand year ago have been found recently. The excavations carry on at theatre, temple, Girmeler Cave, town basilica and stadium areas. According to the official records of Fethiye Museum Directorate, 19.473 people visited the antique town last year. It is stated that nearly 100 thousand people visit Tlos Antique Town including visitors without tickets. The excavation director Prof. Dr. Taner Korkut made an assessment about the excavations finalized in November and noted as a team they focused on revealing a temple used presumably at 3rd century B.C and excavations would continue in 2013 as well. Korkut explained, “The temple we have found here is nowhere else in Turkey. This temple is the temple of the biggest sky god of Lycia, Turgas. It had been named as Kronos in the Roman Era, rebuilt in all the other empires and used at the 3rd century B.C. last. This area is sacred in Tlos in all the eras. It was used as a temple first, second as a synagogue and basilica last. Three different religions and beliefs had been revived at this sacred area. We have a lot more to do.” FG)

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