1515 Real Estates Sold to Foreigners on February 2016

4th, 2016
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TUIK announced the number of real estate sales for February 2016. 101.703 houses were sold in Turkey on February 2016. There has been 15.8 % increase than the previous year and 1585 more houses were sold.

House sales went up 7 % this February in the entire country. The number of houses sold in February is 101.703. Istanbul has the highest share with 17.8% share and 18.142 house sales. Ankara follows Istanbul with 10. 694 house sales (10.5%) while İzmir has ranked third with 6480 sales (6.4% rate). The least share in house sales have been registered in Ardahan with 3 house sales. The followers are Şırnak with 10 house sales and Hakkari with 11 house sales.



The number of house sales to foreigners has increased 15.8 % than previous year and reached 1585 sales. Istanbul has the highest share with 555 house sales to foreigners in February this year. Antalya has second highest share with 328 house sales, Bursa comes third with 141 sales, 93 sales were registered in Sakarya, 90 houses were sold in Yalova and 61 houses were sold in Ankara.

Based on the nationalities, Iraqis have bought the highest number of houses. In February, Iraqi citizens have bought 365 homes in Turkey. 159 houses were sold to Kuwaitis, 158 houses were sold to Saudi Arabia citizens while Afghans have bought 141 real estates and Russians have bought 88 real estates.

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