2 Children Burn and Die in Muğla

25th, 2016
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When a fire broke out from the electric heater on New Year’s Day at 02.30 am, children at the ages of 7 and 2,5 burned and died. Their parents were working in the greenhouse for freeze control at that time.

It is reported that Kamuran Aykır and his wife Pınar Aykır, who was staying at the house of Ayşe Aydın in Seydikemer District, Kumluova Quarter, Cumhuriyet Street and working as her workers, went to the greenhouse to check. At this time, their children, Zeynep, Bilal and Yusuf, were staying at home. The father Kamuran Aykır and mother Pınar Aykır was trying to warm inside the greenhouse with a stove to prevent tomatoes from freezing as the weather temperature went below 0. Yusuf Aykır, their 4 year old son, came to them because he could not sleep at home. The fire started after Yusuf left home. The flames surrounded all over the house in a minute. Their parents found out about the fire in the greenhouse and ran to the house immediately. They saw the fire surrounded the house and called the fire department. Seydikemer, Kaş and Kınık Fire squads arrived, but Zeynep and Bilal Aykır could not be rescued. The fire was estimated to have broken out from the electric heater while the other children were sleeping.

Father Kamuran Aykır and mother Pınar Aykır had a nervous breakdown as both of their children died. The bodies of the children were sent to Muğla Forensic Institution for the autopsy after the examination of Fethiye Public Prosecutor and Gendarmerie. The investigation for the fire continues. The family was making their living as workers in a greenhouse.

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