2 Miners Poisoned by Coal Gas in Fethiye

14th, 2015
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2 miners were poisoned by coal gas in a chrome site in Fethiye. Affected by the gas, miners Yalçın Güngörmez (31) and Ercan Güç (36) were taken to the intensive care unit.

Yalçın Güngörmez and Ercan Güç who was working in a chrome site of a private company at Kuzkabak Area in Karacaören Village entered into the unused mines at about 12.00, it is claimed. They were poisoned by the coal gas concentrated in the mines. 2 miners felt sick and were taken out by the other miners in the chrome site. Miners were taken to the hospitals by 2 separate ambulances. Yalçın Güngörmez was taken to Fethiye State Hospital while Ercan Güç, the other miner, was taken to the intensive care unit at Lokman Hekim Esnaf Hospital.



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