2 Thousand Baby Turtles Meet the Sea in Fethiye

14th, 2015
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The sea turtles taken under protection as they face the danger of extinction due to environmental factors on Çalış and Yanıklar Beaches met the sea with the supports of the volunteer students from Vienna University and the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning this year. Students of Vienna University guarded the caretta caretta sea turtles on Çalış and Yanıklar Beaches for 120 days.

800 baby turtles hatched from 33 eggs on Çalış Beach while 1400 baby turtles hatched from 110 nests in Yanıklar. The volunteer students from the University of Vienna watched the baby turtles leave their eggs, go towards the sea and put cages to protect them. As the students were waiting for 120 days, they followed the baby turtles hatching from eggs under the moonlight on the beach for a distance of almost 10 kilometres and helped them find their way to the sea.



13 volunteer students from Austria Vienna University provided rehabilitation for the tiny turtles on Çalış and Yanıklar Beach and helped turtles reach the sea with their directors. Domestic and foreign tourists watched with great attention as the university students put the baby turtles into the cages for rehabilitation. Volunteers tried to prevent flashlights and other lights while holiday-makers surrounded the caretta caretta turtles to see them closely and take pictures. Volunteer students from Vienna University accommodated in tents under the trees on Çalış Beach for 120 days and had a chance to have holidays.



On the other hand, 2 different caretta caretta turtles making Port Fethiye their home can be seen on the coastline any moment. The sea turtles are fed with little fish by fishermen. They attract great attention as soon as they show their heads to breathe. This is the right moment to take the pictures of caretta caretta sea turtles for tourists.


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