2012 Numbers in Paragliding Accidents on Babadağ

17th, 2013
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The numbers in paragliding accidents that happened in 2012 on the world famous paragliding centre Babadağ have been announced. According to the records, 62 thousand flights were carried out in 2012; 1 flight resulted in death and 26 accidents happened without resulting in any deaths. One of the accidents happened during a tandem flight while it was significant that all the other accidents happened with single flights. The new results were revealed concerning the paragliding accidents in Babadağ at the end of the season.
The numbers announced by the District Governorship of Fethiye reveal that there is a dramatic decrease in accidents resulting in deaths in 2012. According to the records, 62 thousand flights were carried out from 1700 and 1900 runways of Babadağ. 1 flight was carried out by tandem flight and 26 flights was carried out by single flights, which resulted in accidents. 1 pilot tripped on a tree and fell just after the departure and 8 pilots fell to the sea. 17 pilots had to open the reserve chute as they could not have measured the landing distance. Iranian pilot Mahdi Makarem, aged 38, was wrapped around his parachute during the acrobatic trial in the sky, fell to the sea and lost his life. The death of Makarem has been the only paragliding accident resulting in death in 2012 while 3 of 7 parachute accidents had resulted in deaths in 2011. Other accidents did not cause any serious injuries except small fractures.
120 pilots who work with companies organizing tandem flights on Babadağ have closed the paragliding season with 1 accident, on the other hand, 25 accidents occurring with single pilots have left new question mark over minds. The compliance certificates of single pilots have been questioned again and the fact that alcohol beverage controls have not performed according to Babadağ Flight Instructions have become a new matter of debate.
Turkish Air Society Fethiye Branch President Mustafa Özkaya said the problems seen in 2012 would be solved from the beginning of 2013. Özkaya explained the 02 compliance certificates of foreign pilots would be checked and maintained this certificate was not enough for flights above 650 m.
Özkaya added alcohol beverage controls were to start in 2013 and stated, “The obligation of performing alcohol beverage control was emphasized on Babadağ Flight Instruction prepared by the Turkish Air Society. However, it has not been determined that which department is to perform this action yet. Fethiye District Governorship is very serious about starting these controls in 2013. Alcohol beverage controls are to start in 2013.”
Ölüdeniz Mayor Keramettin Yılmaz stated there was a dramatic decrease in accidents in Ölüdeniz in comparison to the previous years and maintained the necessary precautions would decrease this number to zero. Yılmaz noted accidents resulting in deaths decreased although flight numbers increased and said, “If flight numbers are limited, alcohol beverage controls are performed and the compliance certificates of pilots and weather conditions are checked, the accident risk will diminish. We are getting better results every year. So less accidents happen.”

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