3 million TL for Fethiye

19th, 2012
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 FETAB President Osman Otgöz who took part in Travel Turkey İzmir Fair between December 6 and 9, 2012 and made great contributions to the promotion of Fethiye and brought sector representatives together aiming at a more powerful promotion said the Minister of Tourism Ertuğrul Günay who paid a visit to his stall at the fair made Muğla Governorship supply 3 million TL to solve the infrastructure issues of Ölüdeniz.
FETAB President Osman Otgöz stated; “We had meetings with the Minister Ertuğrul Günay at Travel Turkey İzmir Fair many times. He has a special interest in Fethiye. We had conveyed the problems of this place to him many times. He knows the infrastructure issues of Ölüdeniz especially. In order to solve the several infrastructure issues such as extending the treatment plant and building rain water drainage line, money was paid in the account of Muğla Governorship via Investments General Directorate. 2013 will be the year of Fethiye. The arrangements of Investments General Directorate Board carry on. We are going to get bigger investments in 2013. The refining, canalization and drainage problem of Ölüdeniz will be completely solved. We can give this as good news already now. Our dear Minister cares about Fethiye very much.” (FG)

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