3 Reasons Going to the Beach Is Good for Your Health

15th, 2015
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walking on beach3It’s summertime, and if you’re anything like me, the warm weather and longer days of sunlight have you yearning to spend some quality time at the beach. But not only is going to the beach loads of fun, it’s also good for your health. And here’s why:

You’ll walk barefoot in the sand:

One of the things I love about going to the beach is feeling the warm sand against my feet. Did you know that there are over 200,000 nerve endings on the soles of your feet? And walking barefoot stimulates them much more than walking in shoes. No wonder walking barefoot in the sand feels like a succession of blissful explosions on the bottom of my feet. Not only are you stimulating nerve endings, but when you walk on wet sand, you’re also exfoliating dead skin cells from your heels. And you’re strengthening all the muscles in your feet, muscles which don’t get used as much when you’re wearing shoes. Walking in the sand allows you to make direct, physical contact with the earth. This is important because when we directly connect with the earth, we’re getting a sufficient supply of electrons, which supports our immune system to function at an optimal level.

You’ll spend some time in the sea:

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing like having the cool, sea water splashing against your skin. Plus, the sea contains many minerals that help the body heal and detoxify. Among the many minerals found in the sea is iodine. Iodine helps the body fight infection while boosting thyroid function. The sea also contains magnesium, a mineral that has a calming effect on our nerves. Swimming has been known to decrease stress and increase a sense of well-being in most people. Conditions such as psoriasis, arthritis, and depression even show signs of improvement after a nice long swim. Seawater increases elasticity of skin, improving its appearance. It also improves circulation, helping the body to carry blood to all its vital organs.


You’ll get some sun:

A controversial issue these days is whether to be out in the sun or stay indoors (unless you’ve saturated your skin with suntan lotion). Some experts say to be wary of skin cancer and other health problems that can occur from overexposure to the sun, while others believe regular exposure to the sun to be of great benefit to one’s health. After all, life on this planet was only able to evolve and flourish because the earth was close enough to reap the benefits of the sun’s radiant energy. If the sun were to vanish or extinguish like a Roman candle, all life on earth would cease to be. Yet at the same time, the sun’s radiation, in excessive amounts, can also be fatal. If the sun were to implode in on itself someday, the explosion would be so huge that it would obliterate our little blue-green world. Personally, I love to be out in the sun and feel my skin absorbing its heat. (The sun is the best source of Vitamin D, better than any supplement you can buy. It decreases depression by increasing serotonin, it boosts your immunity, and it is essential for healthy bones and skin, among many other benefits.) But I’ve also known many people who have health issues and skin disorders that are aggravated by too much exposure to the sun. In my opinion, getting some exposure to the sun is beneficial, but everyone should use good judgement when deciding on how much exposure is right for them.




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