4 Ideas for Your Summer Goals List

25th, 2012
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Here are some ideas for goals you can add to your summer list.
1. Prep for Your Fall Garden
If you do a bit of planning now, you can order fall garden seeds from some great seed companies in your area. Then—even if it’s a small one—you can plant your fall garden in late summer. Crops such as lettuce, spinach, beets, turnips and carrots thrive in many regions in fall.
2. Embrace Foods That Make You Feel Good
Too often resolutions that revolve around food have to do with calorie counting and measuring waste lines. Ditch that thinking, and instead simply eat to feel great. The right foods can boost your energy, make your brain sharper, and simply make you feel happier.
3. Plan a Canning Party
There’s no better way to capture the flavors of summer than home canning. Get a few friends together to can whole tomatoes, strawberry jam, pasta sauce, pickles … the list could go on! Canning with friends makes the process go by quickly and it’s tons of fun. Plus, by preserving local food while it’s in-season, you’ll cut down on purchasing nutritionally inferior, shipped-from-far-away produce during the off-season.
4. Get Your Jog On
Already a jogger? Awesome! Thinking of getting out there in the sunshine and fresh air to get some exercise? You too can do it. Getting into a jogging routine doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth—it can be an enjoyable, motivating experience.
Have a wonderful, fun-filled summer, everyone!

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