45 Illegal Immigrants Caught in Marmaris

25th, 2016
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45 Syrians, who were trying to go to Symi Island in Greece by a speed boat, 6 m, with illegal ways, have been caught in Marmaris by coast guard security. 2 Syrians, who were claimed to be their organizers, were arrested.

Marmaris District Gendarmerie Command noticed that many illegal immigrants were trying to get on a speed boat and called Marmaris Coast Guard Group Command. People seeing the gendarmerie from the speed boat escaped quickly and disappeared in the sea. The squad on the assault boat of the coast guard security noticed that the speed boat carrying illegal immigrants broke down at a distance of 3 to Symi Island for overload and was sinking. Coast guard squad caught 45 Syrian illegal immigrants including 20 children and 14 women. 2 Syrians who were happened to be the organizers were arrested. The coast guard also noticed children had frostbite and brought them to Port Marmaris. Children were taken to Marmaris State Hospital for medical check-up. 10 children who were diagnosed frostbite were discharged after treatment. 45 Syrian illegal immigrants were taken to Marmaris Coast Guard Group Command. Muhammed Salah, 21, and Kemal Cemal Hasan, 35, told in their statements that they bought a 6 m long speed boat used for parasailing in Fethiye and then came to Marmaris. Their statements were taken with the help of a sworn translator. After the procedures, 2 Syrians were sent to the court. The related investigation continues.


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