6 People Getting Stuck in Mountains Rescued by Gendarmerie

26th, 2013
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6 of 11 trekkers, one of whom was German, were stuck in the mountain due to hard rain and the walking difficulty of 55 year old German Kayser Kerstın. The gendarmerie found the missing people with the mobile phone signals and rescued the nature lovers. The incident happened at around 09.00 p.m. at Dere Ağzı Area near Gökben Village of Fethiye. 11 people who wanted to go on trekking with the trekking guide Ali İHsan Emre went up to Akbel Area at the foothills of Babadağ. The group started trekking to Mount Mendos and taking photos of the plants in the area. Nature lovers were caught in the rain having started at around 02.00 p.m. and soaked. When they reached the foothills of Mount Mendos, German Kayser Kerstın said he could not walk anymore and left himself to the ground. Kerstın, who was called with the name ‘Fatma’ by his friends in Fethiye for nearly 10 years, was taken to Dere Ağzı Area near Gökben village with the help of group members. Group members were caught in the hail and mist here; 6 of them got stuck in the mountain while the others managed to climb down the mountain.

Kayser Kerstın, Özlem Zengin, Mert Okçu, Ömür Çizme, Mustafa Bodur and the guide Ali İhsan Emre were stuck in the mountain and called the gendarmerie for help. Fethiye Garrison Commander Major Faruk Akıncı went to the region and gendarmerie teams took Servet Karadereli from Gökben village with them on the road to Dere Ağzı Area as well. Özlem Zengin, Mert Okçu, Ömür Çizme, Mustafa Bodur and the guide Ali İhsan Emre were taken down from the mountain first, then the gendarmerie started the rescue operation for German Kayser Kerstın. Kerstın waited to be rescued for almost 2 hours and the teams reached him at around 07.30 p.m. Kerstın was carried for 1 km on the steep and sloping area by the gendarmerie and left to the hands of AKUT (Search and Rescue Operation) that gave support to the operation. Kayser Kerstın underwent a medical examination and was given water and date palm. Kerstın said he was exhausted and could not carry on: “It rained a lot. I was soaked and cold. I have no fractures or injury on my foot. I just got tired and fell.” Kerstın rested for a while but was not taken to the stretcher due to the danger of freezing and they waited for him to walk for 3 km, and then brought down the mountain.
Mert Okçu and Ömür Çizme were also taken under treatment in the hospital as well. Mustafa Bodur explained they went on trekking to explore the area but the road got slippery due to the severe rain: “Fatma Hanım (Kayser Kerstin) had difficulty because of the rain. We lost the group in the front while we were walking with him. Then the rain got worse. This time, Fatma Hanım could not walk any longer. I climbed down for the rescue operation. Then I climbed up with the gendarmerie again. The rescue operation took almost 3 hours. We had difficulty in rescuing especially due to hard rain.”
The group guide said they planned to go on a nature trekking with 10 people and could not complete the trekking due to rain, fog and mud. Emre explained they called the gendarmerie for help as they could not take German Kerstın down and the mobile phone was broken during the trekking. AKUT Team leader Ersin Gür maintained they just supported the gendarmerie during the operation and said, “In these missing events, we can find our citizens if they call 156 via mobile phone. In this case, we can reach our citizens who lost their leads with GPS.”FG)

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