67-year-old woman collects the blue bottle caps from the rubbish bin

29th, 2012
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67-year-old Şerife Yılmaz walks eight hours a day everyday to collect the blue bottle caps from the rubbish bins. Şerife Yılmaz who has lost his husband 30 years ago and has his late husband’s pension settled down in Karagözler neighbourhood six months ago. She has devoted her life to the disabled. Before she came to the town, Yılmaz-the mother of three children- had lived in Bolu and worked for the charities. When she came to Fethiye she did not stop. Yılmaz who leaves her house at seven every day walks eight hours and looks for blue caps in the rubbish bins. Yılmaz drops by the work places that support her regularly, walks about twenty kilometres a day. The charitable woman who does not hesitate to scramble the rubbish bins collects the blue caps in a basket on wheels she carries with her.


The blue caps sent to the OFD (The Club of Spinal Cord Paralysis)

Şerife Yılmaz sends the blue caps she collects to OFD which is a İstanbul-based association every week. Yılmaz who has worked incessantly for six months notes that she sends about ten kilograms of blue caps to OFD every week. Yılmaz stated that she liked walking very much and looking for caps in the rubbish bins does not matter for her.


“When I am still able to walk”

Her sole aim is to help the disabled to have wheelchairs. Yılmaz told that “I would be very happy if a wheelchair is given to a disabled person thanks to the blue caps I have collected so far. I have not seen any of them and they have not seen me. But let them feel that I support them. I wanted to support them as long as I am able to walk. Moreover, my doctor advised me to walk when I came to Fethiye. By that way I both walk and collect the caps. Thanks to this I have had many friends in Fethiye where I live alone. Many work places support me. I thank them all.


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