7 Months Pregnant Woman Was Beaten

4th, 2012
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In Fethiye, 21-year-old Özlem Çetin who is 7 months pregnant was beaten by her husband and she was taken to Fethiye State Hospital, and then she was transfered to Antalya due to risk of miscarriage. Özlem Çetin (21) who lives in Kemer, Fethiye called Kemer Gendarmerie and denounced she was beaten by his her husband İ.Ç (24) whom she married two years ago. Gendarmerie arrived at Çetin’s house to find the young woman lying on the floor half-stunned. They took the woman to Fethiye State Hospital and the husband who beats his wife was detained. The husband stayed the night at the police station and was questioned. Next day, he was released by the prosecutor on duty at Fethiye Courthouse.
It was found out that there were swellings on Özlem Çetin’s face and bruises on various parts of her body. Now that her baby is still in critical condition, she was transfered to Antalya Akdeniz University Hospital. Before her transer, Çetin said her husband soaked her in water in the bathroom and beaten. She said she was beaten because of her mother-in-law. “I was regularly forced to take care of my sister-in-law’s children. And this is not the first beating. Last night, after beating me, they locked me into a room. I called the gendarmerie with a mobile phone I found. They took me here, and my husband to the police station. Yet, I was told that he was released while I’m still in hospital. I’m not strong enough to resist a man. No woman is. I am concerned about my life. I would like to have the emergence of the State. Not when I die, but now. Do I necessarily need to die?” Özlem Çetin’s father Mehmet Garip Akbaş protested the release of his daughter’s husband. He said there is no enforcement against violator and abuser husbands in Turkey. He asked Minister for Family and Social Policies Fatma Şahin to take care of his daughter.

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