70 Kilograms of Heavy Rain Falls in Fethiye

24th, 2014
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fethiye sel (9)We Miss FESKİ…

Heavy rain affected city centre of Fethiye terribly. Due to the heavy rain which continued for half an hour, some streets were flooded. Roads on Dispanser Street were completely closed. When the pump system related to throwing rain water to the sea installed on Dispanser Street recently by Fethiye Council was not worked by Muğla Metropolitan Council, the streets turned into Venice. The Metropolitan Council did not clean the rain water pipes before winter and it caused rain waters to turn into flood.

Some stores were flooded due to heavy rain. Some citizens got stuck at their homes and offices because of the roads closed by flood waters. Many stores were flooded in our district which almost turned into Venice. Although 120 kg rain fell per square meter in recent years, there was no flood in Fethiye before. However, this time, 90 kg rain per square meter turned life into hell. The substructure services connected to MUSKİ which is part of Muğla Metropolitan Council with the metropolitan law had an epic fail in Fethiye.

MUSKİ does not Take Over, Dispanser Street Turns into Venice

Dispanser Street and its substructure had been renewed by Fethiye Municipality years ago had not flooded before, and yet, it went back to 90s after the heavy rain disaster last week. Rain water drainage line and pump system arranged by Fethiye Council were disabled after the electricity cut. The reason was that the maintenance was not made as the system required. When the system did not work, rain water canals were filled with waters and store owners were affected badly by this problem. Water supply station which could not even pile 120 kg of rain water started working again after MUSKİ personnel carried out maintenance after the rain. The rain waters were cleaned in a short time but it was too late for the store owners on the street.

Disaster Comes Like This

Rain water drainage lines which used to be cleaned by FESKİ (Fethiye Water and Sewer Unit) under the jurisdiction of Fethiye Council before winter every year were not cleaned this year. Muğla Metropolitan Council was given the authority to clean the pipes however it caused substructure not to function in Fethiye. When citizens did not see MUSKİ authorities and staff in city centre during heavy rain, they protested the Metropolitan Council.


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