86 Year Old Mman Gets Second University Diploma

8th, 2014
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86-year-old man gets second university diploma


Halis Beyhanoğlu, who graduated from elementary school in 1938 and had to take a long break from high school due to World War II, received his second university diploma in September, shortly after turning 86.


Beyhanoğlu, who now has five grandchildren, received his first university diploma, an associate degree, from the department of local administration at Anadolu University and his second university diploma, an undergraduate degree, from the same university’s department of public administration.

“I turned 86 in July,” Beyhanoğlu says, relating his story. Born in 1924 in a village in Erzurum, he started high school but could not finish it as he had to join the army to fight in World War II. His life changed after he passed an exam that made him a civil servant in Ankara, where he finished high school in an evening program. Beyhanoğlu did not earn enough with his high school diploma and decided to continue his studies at a university.

He prepared for the annual university entrance exam, the Student Selection Examination (ÖSS), with one of his grandchildren. “My grandchild was accepted into Ankara University’s School of Agriculture, while I made it into Anadolu University’s distance learning program,” he said. Beyhanoğlu graduated ranking first in the department of local administration. He then took another exam to continue studying at the university to get an undergraduate degree and passed. Beyhanoğlu received his diploma on Sept. 7 after completing a four-year program.

Voicing his respect for professors, Beyhanoğlu said he wants to enter the Guinness World Records as the oldest male to earn a university degree. “I want to be a lecturer at Anadolu University, but if that does not happen, I want to travel with my wife,” he said.


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