98% of 2 thousand 200 houses belong to Britons

18th, 2012
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Expats living in Ölüdeniz have problems in their funerals, both in transfers and burials. A community meeting was initiated by Mustafa Şıkman, UK’s Honorary Consul in Fethiye in order to listen to the problems of the expats living in Ölüdeniz. The meetings will be held bimonthly, and the first was at Ölüdeniz Council Chamber. Expats told about their problems to proconsuls Deniz Süleyman and Ahmet Dördüncü, and it was found that their primary problem was transfering of funerals and share of inheritance. British residents said that they experienced bureaucratic difficulties during the allocation of property to family members. The committee members announced that they will attempt to solve issues. After the meeting, UK’s Honorary Consul Mustafa Şıkman said that these meetings will become a regular feature for the adaptation of foreign residents in Turkey.
Ölüdeniz Mayor Keramettin Yılmaz said that 2,200 foreigners bought properties in Ölüdeniz, and 98% of them are British. 4 thousand expats are already living in peace and harmony with locals, and the Council is always in contact with them.

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