A cowboy night for the first time

16th, 2012
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 The cowboy night that is organized by the foreigners for the first time took place in Yeşil Üzümlü Restaurant and many people attended the night. The foreign residents of Üzümlü who attended the night with various costumes, enjoyed themselves at a barbeque party till late hours. Having prepared the restaurant Suat Hekimci runs with various designs and live music they stated that they were pleased to be in Üzümlü and they attended many social activities. But this was the first time they had a cowboy night in Üzümlü. They ornamented the cowboy costumes designed for the night with various guns and tools of war. Some of them wore costumes of American Indians and completed their costumes with make-ups. The stage was covered with straw and hay. At the night, there were some shows of Mexican, Brazilian and Dallas dance, too.

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