A frightening fire in Fethiye

12th, 2012
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Because of the sparks that spattered into it, one hectare of reedy area was burned. The fire started on Akmaz Beach, in Yanıklar Village at about 13.00. Because of the wind that blew from the sea, the flames spread into the sweetgum forest in Beymuari. Into the extinguishing works, two planes, one helicopter, four pumpers and sixty forest workers joined. The teams of fire extinguishing had to work on the ground as the area was covered with reed and it was swampy, so any inference from the air was impossible.

The villagers in a rush to rescue their animals
The villagers that left their animals to grass in the area panicked when the smoke went up into the air. The villagers rushed into the morass to save their animals in case of the fire to spread. After their long efforts, the animals were taken out of the morass and they run away from the fire.

They watch the fire from the beach
The fire could be seen from Çalış Beach very clearly. Some of the tourist watched the fire while they were in the sea while some of them videotaped the planes and the helicopters that worked in the fire.

After a two hour work the fire is extinguished
After a work of two hours, the fire was taken under control before it reached the forest of sweetgum trees. The forest workers that came to the area through the paths engineering vehicles opened joined the fire extinguishing works. In the fire, one hectare of morass burned down.
Sıla Kartal who came to rescue her animals in the area said that they were not aware of the fire until they saw the planes. She told that they came to the area to save their animals in case the fire spreads and added that “you cannot reach the area of fire. As it is a swamp, no one can enter the area.”
An investigation was started to question the reason for the fire. As the area is very close to the picnic areas, the probability of the fire to start from barbeque is taken into consideration.

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