A Group of 400 Russians Welcomed with a Ceremony

10th, 2015
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A group of 400 Russians including agency owners and executives from Russia that would attend “ITF International Travel Forum” was welcomed with a ceremony at YDA Dalaman Airport.

One of the guests was Sergey Zukov, the world famous Russian singer. Hamdi Güvenç, the General Manager of YDA Dalaman Airport, indicated that the 7th “ITF” organization was held by Intourist/ThomasCook Agency in 4 years and said, “I would like to thank the directors of Intourist/ThomasCook Agency for carrying out this important organization in our region for the improvement of tourism. It is definitely vital to sustain these organizations and create new purposes with the success and encouragement of positive effects of this type of organizations which bring significant values to regional tourism.”

Güvenç stated that the purpose of this organization is to create an environment to bring local managements and businessmen of tourism together: “For this reason, we aim at increasing the predicted benefits with direct contacts in order to create new job opportunities. Directors of accommodation facilities and tourism investors of our region also plan to develop contacts with 400 guests from Russian agencies when they are here.

Güvenç said, “This organization will help us use Russian tourism potential, make them tend to the facilities in Turkey for their holiday options and create maximum benefit. The synergy to be created by the agencies and accommodation facilities is to bring dramatic potentials to our region and managements.”



Russian guests who were in our region for the organization were fascinated by Muğla Region. Hamdi Güvenç, the General Manager of YDA Dalaman Airport, presented plaques to Intourist/ThomasCook General Manager Viktor Topolkaraev, CEO Thomas Hohn, Style Mananging Şehmus Yüksekses and Product Manager İsmail Bölükbaşı for their success in the region. General Manager Güvenç also presented encouragement awards to tourism businessmen selling most in Moscow, Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Samara.

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