A Matter Of Life and Death at the Beach

4th, 2012
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The student bus which had come from Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University in Eastern Turkey for a seminar in Muğla University brought students to Ölüdeniz for a holiday. As it came down the hill from Ovacık, the brakes exploded and it gathered more and more speed before crashing through the wall at the bottom and onto the Belcekız Beach. Driver Emin Yılmaz (42) told reporters that he could do nothing only try to keep going straight and hope and pray that nothing came in front of him while he kept sounding his horn to warn others on the traffic. The passengers all huddled at the rear of the bus and when it crashed through the low wall and landed upright on the sandy beach it took 30 metres to stop. 21 students survived the accident with minor injuries and although none serious other than shock, 5 ambulances that attended the accident took the injured to several different hospitals in Fethiye.
Locals living in the area said that it was a dangerous road, there had been fatal accidents before and the authorities should take necessary measurements as soon as possible.

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