A plant of honour

25th, 2012
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The municipality put the first solar drying plant in Turkey into service. In the plant, the mud that comes from the water purification plant is going to be dried. The mayor, Behçet Saatçi who opened the plant to use said that “Our efforts to make Fethiye a place that everyone will enjoy to live is going on.”
With a change in the regulations to control the solid waste, the storage of the mud of the purification with the domestic waste has been prohibited. In the same regulation with the forth dam, half of the mud which is a waste product of the purification plant was to be dried to prevent the bad smell. Depending on this dam, Fethiye Municipality opened the first drying plant of Turkey. With a capacity of 12 tons annually, the plant is going to enable 32 tons of mud to be dried from a dryness of 22% to a dryness of 50% and also enable the regular storage of the mud. The plant is going to work depending on the solar energy. It is reported that the cost of investment for the plant is 1 million Euros. The district governor of Fethiye, Mehmet Ali Karatekeli as well as the garrison commander, Halil Özçelik, the mayor Behçet Saatçi, the founding chairperson of Remondis Company, Nolbert Rethmann and many residents attended the opening. The minister of the Customs and Trade, Hayati Yazıcı, The Minister of Nurishment, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Mehmed Mehdi Eker, Environment and City Planning Minister, Erdoğan Bayraktar and the minister of European Union Ministry, Egemen Bağış, CHP and MHP Muğla members of the Parliament, sent faxes to congratulate the mayor. In the opening, the first speech was given by the founding chairperson of Remondis Company, Nolbert Rethmann. He stated that it was the first opening of a solar drying plant in Turkey. He said they would do more corporations with the local authorities in the future. He continued that “There can be small problems and I promise to solve them. Congratulations.” Recently, in the frame of awards of local authorities, on the branch of environment, Behçet saatçi was selected the best mayor of the year. He said that “As it is the first drying plant of Turkey we were inexperienced. However, these problems will be handled in a few days. I apologize from all of our residents who live in this district. On the World’s Environment Day, we are proud of being a municipality that put the environmental values forward. We, as the municipality of Fethiye, do whatever is required to be a municipality that lives with environmentalist values. In Turkey, sometimes we get awards from some institutions and non-governmental organizations, which motivate us a great deal. As a sign of this, among a thousand municipalities, as a medium-sized municipality, we are breaking a new ground and this is a sign of the importance attached to the environment. We collected 3, 078 tons of waste packages, 40, 000 litres of waste oil and prevented 2 tons of waste batteries to contaminate the soil. We recycled 298 tons of used auto tires and collected 2 tons of medical waste. All of these are the signs of the importance we attach to the environment. Our efforts to turn Fethiye into a place everyone will enjoy living are still continuing. Our drying plant is an investment of 1 million Euros. When required our farmers are going to use this plant. In a few years we are going to start a compost facility. Well done for our country and our town!”

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